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6.5TD EM-Chip

Give your truck some umpf!

Our 6.5TD EM-Chip for the 1994-1995 6.5 liter General Motors turbo diesel delivers crisp throttle response, strong torque and an overall improved driveability from having adjusted fuel rates, injection timing, boost pressure, automatic transmission pressure and shift points.

  • Our 6.5TD EM-Chip adds approx. 60hp and 100lb/ft torque.
  • Fully customized to your specific needs at no extra cost!
  • A high flow exhaust is recommended for faster turbo spool up, better mileage and maximum performance.
  • A pyrometer is highly recommended for keeping track of exhaust temperatures when towing.
  • The chip comes mounted on our custom made carrier.

Place an order for our interface 6.5TD EM-Chip today!

When ordering we need you to supply us with the 4-letter code (broadcast code) off your trucks original chip so that we can match your application exactly. There is a white paper label on the computer box. On it you should find the 4-letter code (starts with the letter B) such as BPAC or BXRL to name a few. If the label is missing or does not feature the 4-letter code you must open your computer box and look at the original chip inside. If you are unable to locate the code just contact us and we will try our best to help you find it.

Product photo:

6.5TD EM-Chip

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