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USB-to-ALDL Interface Cable

Get connected and start scanning!

The interface cable works on all General Motors OBDI/ALDL cars and trucks that use either a 160 or 8192 baudrate datastream (approx. 1982-1995 model years). There is no need for any external COM port adaptors. The interface goes straight from ALDL to USB. Just plug the cable into your computer's USB-port and you are ready to go!

The USB-to-ALDL Interface Cable is not limited to use with just our GMTDScan software. It works with all available OBDI/ALDL scanning and tuning software on the market today, e.g. TunerPro, DataMaster and WinALDL. Does not work with DOS-based applications like Craig Moates ECM852 or similar software.

USB-to-ALDL Interface Cable features:
  • Goes straight from ALDL to USB
  • Reads 160 baud datastreams (Pin E)
  • Reads 8192 baud datastreams (Pin M)
  • 3-mode select jumper. Normal mode, Shorted A-B mode
    and 10K A-B resistor mode
  • Self-powered via the computer's USB port
  • No need for additional adapters. Just plug it in and go!

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Product photos:

USB-to-ALDL Interface Cable

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